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As a Vendor or Supplier in Promena's MarketPlace you will maximize the overall value generated and enhance the sources and channels of revenue improvement. By taking part in MarketPlace's supplier pool, you too can reach many companies and buyers from different sectors easily and quickly, offer bids and deliver your products and services to a wide audience without advertising and marketing activities, and thus, increase your volume of your business, earnings and profitability.

Take your Sales and Supply Chain Performance-level's to a World-Class Efficiency with Promena's MarketPlace. Vendors and Suppliers are to improve your overall sales performance and customer satisfaction by improving product and service delivery to customer at a very low-operation cost.


- You can save on time, resources and costs to promote your products and services and to gain new customers.
- You can easily reach our customer portfolio including more than 1000 companies and increase your volume of business by introducing your products and services to a much larger audience.
- By adding your products to the catalogues in our e-commerce portals, you can enable our customers to reach your products through different channels.
- You can obtain information on the innovations of the sector with the experience and consultancy of our expert staff, you can be aware of the new trends in purchasing processes, and by learning the expectations of our customers and their prudential needs, you can develop your products and services accordingly.
- You can ensure that changes regarding your services and products and your cost improvement suggestions reach large audiences in a very short time.
- We can make large volume sales thanks to our rich corporate customer portfolio; in parallel with your sales volume, you can increase your purchasing power and reduce your material and production costs.
- You can manage your stocks more actively, increase your operational efficiency and as a result, use your time and resources more effectively.
- By embracing sustainable cooperation opportunities with long term contracts, you can shape your investments and your future production activities confidently.


Promena's MarketPlace main objective is to maintain or improve customer service and fill-rate levels while minimising costs.  
Promena´s MarketPlace, subsidiary of Koç Group, our priority in the collaboration we have established with our suppliers is to ensure that the sale-process are fulfilled without any delay. In line with this priority, we are closely monitoring the bid-to-payment transactions and ensure that the process is completed safely without you experiencing any disruption in your sales process.


In order to work with a strong partner who has a say in the field like Promena's MarketPlace and start earning immediately, you can easily send-us your application by clicking this link: Contact us

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