KocZer and Promena, since the day we were established, we have carried out our activities with the vision of "being America's & Europe's best and World's leader strategic procurement and efficiency center’’. We have successfully strengthened this vision by nurturing it with our expertise in sectors, our experience in procurement processes, our expert staff and new technologies. Up to the present, we have managed the purchasing processes of more than 1000 companies from different sectors. We helped companies collaborating with us to save on cost, time and labor force and to make a profit while purchasing.


As Promena´s Marketpalce, since the day we were established, we also brought in to our suppliers as well as to our customers. With the win-win principle, we have brought tens of thousands of suppliers together with Regional, national or international leading companies up to the present. With our transparent and fair purchasing processes, we have provided both our customers and suppliers with the opportunity to make safe and guaranteed trade in the most optimum conditions. By taking part in Promena's supplier pool, you too can reach many companies from different sectors easily and quickly, deliver your products and services to a wide audience without advertising and marketing activities, and thus, increase your volume of business.